SUISSEDIGITAL connects our country

SUISSEDIGITAL is the trade association of Swiss communication networks. Bringing together some 190 commercial and public sector companies from all over Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, the association's high-performance networks allow each of its members to act as a one-stop shop offering their customers leading-edge communication services. These services include broadband internet, landline and to some extent mobile telephony as well as radio and television, with all the advantages of digital technology.

SUISSEDIGITAL members offer the same exemplary level and range of services everywhere. Comprising a mutually supportive association advocating innovation and fair competition, they are deeply rooted in their respective regions and understand the needs of their local customers better than anyone else, serving numerous business customers and around 3 million households.

Driving progress

SUISSEDIGITAL members boast a successful track record going back many years, driving forward digital progress in Switzerland and always supplying high-quality services. Their state-of-the-art infrastructure enables them to make a vital contribution to universal digital service provision in Switzerland, in both urban and rural areas. As a result, communication network subscribers everywhere have access to the full range of services and unlimited entertainment.

These services:

  • include triple play TV and radio, internet and landline telephony;
  • guarantee high-quality HDTV;
  • accommodate any number of devices (TVs, radios, computers, etc.);
  • provide access to over 100 programmes on most networks, even with a basic subscription;
  • include internet provision in some suppliers' basic subscriptions;
  • offer attractive bundling packages.

This is possible because our networks are largely made up of optical fiber. In many regions, only the final connection still takes the form of a high-capacity coaxial cable, which we are constantly optimising.

Facts & Figures

What we do

  1. SUISSEDIGITAL advocates unrestricted access to electronic media.
  2. SUISSEDIGITAL promotes service provision throughout Switzerland by private and municipal companies.
  3. SUISSEDIGITAL encourages fiber optic cable communication.
  4. SUISSEDIGITAL supports the digitalisation of telecommunications infrastructure in Switzerland.
  5. SUISSEDIGITAL backs full exploitation of communication networks to offer subscribers a broader range of services.
  6. SUISSEDIGITAL campaigns for fair competition in the telecommunications sector.
  7. SUISSEDIGITAL lobbies for communications companies’ free right of ownership of and disposal over their technical facilities.
  8. SUISSEDIGITAL proactively deals with regulatory policy, legal, economic, technical and fundamental ethical issues regarding Swiss communication networks.
  9. SUISSEDIGITAL represents the common interests of communications companies at federal, cantonal and municipal level, as well as public sector and private programme makers, other market partners and the public.
  10. SUISSEDIGITAL handles political, legal, economic and technical issues raised by its individual members. The association’s goals are to create standard practices and norms for the industry, boost competitiveness and facilitate decision-making by individual companies. SUISSEDIGITAL also develops recommendations and guidelines to realise these goals.
  11. SUISSEDIGITAL builds and nurtures relations and alliances with other Swiss and foreign associations and organisations with the same or similar interests.
  12. SUISSEDIGITAL runs an information, advice and documentation centre on all key issues involving communication networks. It monitors its members’ needs and adjusts its services accordingly.

Services we provide

On behalf of the approximately 200 members whose interests it represents, SUISSEDIGITAL promotes digital communication and cultivates their images and reputation as service providers.

Overview of services

  • Advice on legal and technical issues, marketing, strategy and content
  • PR/communications, media work
  • Representation of the sector vis-à-vis policymakers and the public
  • Copyright fees: securing a discount for the association and charging and collecting them
  • Technical documents (manuals, guidelines and similar)
  • Procurement of content (TV and radio programmes)
  • Expert groups to exchange experiences and information
  • Sector-specific training and courses
  • Studies (including market research and technology)
  • Production of a (daily) press review
  • Member information: 'M-Info' (as required)
  • Trade advertising
  • Conference (once a year)
  • Regional specialist conference (once a year in Zurich, Bern and Lausanne).

The members of SUISSEDIGITAL receive a wide range of practical documents of use for their daily business, including specimen and advertising contracts, leaflets and press analyses. SUISSEDIGITAL informs, monitors and advises members on an ongoing basis in the following domains: Law and Policymaking, Content and Strategy, Technology and Public Relations:

Law and Policymaking

SUISSEDIGITAL has a strong competence and advisory centre covering areas such as price monitoring, competition and copyright law, the Swiss federal law on radio and television and the Swiss Telecommunications Act. Members of the management team covering the domain of Law and Policymaking cover all regulatory policy issues and regularly nurture relations with the respective authorities and parliament.

Content and Strategy

SUISSEDIGITAL monitors the programmes on offer, coordinates and supports the procurement of pay-TV programmes, fosters pay-TV initiatives and makes sure that members exchange news and views about programmes and entertainment and information services. Members of the management team also advise SUISSEDIGITAL’s members on strategy, marketing and content.


SUISSEDIGITAL offers advice on a wide range of technical issues in the Technology domain, sets all licence-related criteria for its members’ communications infrastructure and in this connection draws up guidelines, specifications, recommendations and checklists to serve as bases for decisions by individual operators. SUISSEDIGITAL also produces manuals, white papers and technology assessments.

Public Relations & Lobbying

SUISSEDIGITAL offers advice, draws up basic documents, communications concepts and outline PR documents. The association is also responsible for internal and external communication on all relevant sectoral issues, including events, media releases, websites and intranets, promotional measures, presentations and information on members.

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